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American Idol

Date Added: August 02, 2010 06:17:47 AM
Author: H.Narcissist
Category: News

After thousands of auditions, 43 episodes, On May 26, Lee Dewyze was crowned as the American idol Season 9 beating out The judges’s favourite Crystal Bowersox. Lee Dewyze was the surprise winner of American Idol. Lee Dewyze’s victory was a shock to many viewers who wanted the judges’s favorite Crystal Bowersox to win, This is what happened for the second time in Idol’s history. The first time it happened last season, when Adam Lambert was knocked out by Kris Allen.


American Idol Crystal Bowersox vs Lee Dewyze


This year, The show was not so thrillingly Compatitive compared to the last 8 seasons. This is what made season 9 The lowest ranked season in the history of the televison’s no 1 show. The season had a few good contestants but the season overall lacked unforgettable performances, and exceptional talents. Infact the show featured some very disappointing performances. However the Best show had a very “rough” and  “bad” nineth season.


Ellen Degeneres (the new forth judge of season 9) only appeard as the fourth judge to fill the vacancy left by Paula Abdul. Her jokes as a comedian couldn’t help the show to get to the interest of the viewers. And failed to catch fire. However it couldn’t earn the spot that it had in the last 8 seasons and was not so addicting-to-watch as it had lost 9% of its viewers since season 8.


Soon after the auditions kicked off Simon Cowell announced his permanent departure from the show for bringing The American version of X-factor to America which will start in 2011 on FOX. Since Cowell’s departure, there have been great speculations and gossips about “Who will take his place?” , “Who will insult the contestants now?” or “Will the show still be one of the highest rated shows of television?”  However,American Idol is still considered to have earned “The most popular reality show” spot due to Simon Cowell.

Watch the Jimmy Kimmel Live - Simon Cowell Goodbye Montage


Later after season 9 finished, On 29 July, Ellen Degeneres also made her departure from the show after serving as the judge for one season, terminating her 5 year contract with the show. Since then, there are rumors about Jennifer Lopez taking her place. Apart from these two judges, The original judge of American idol ,Randy Jackson will be out of contract after next season, Fox has not yet confirmed whether Kara Diogardi will appear as the judge for the third time or not as she is also out of contract. However there are two vacancies left at the judging panel, that are yet to be filled for the upcoming season 10.


But the biggest question raised is that “Will the show work without Simon Cowell?” Perhaps it will if FOX brings up a new replacement who has great knowledge about music and perhaps who can bring back the drama and entertainment to the show , that had always been there during Simon’s Cowell’s days as the judge. But on the other hand,it may face a down fall in its rating . Perhaps due to its clash with X-factor, as Fox has decided to air both the two reality shows.  For some, this idea may sound ridiculous, However the next year, the viewers would have a choice whether to watch X-factor or American Idol, which shows that the show maybe in danger for losing its millions of viewers.

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