London's Natural History Museum

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London's Natural History Museum

Date Added: July 21, 2010 09:22:37 PM
Author: Sohrab Khan
Category: Science & Technology

London Natural History Museum

London Natural History Museum view from cromwell road

The London Natural History Museum is located on Exhibitiona Road in South Kensington. It promises a spectacular day out for the whole family. Shaped like a cathedral it is also known as ‘Cathedral of Nature’. It houses some 70 million items. One of the most famous items on display is the 105 foot long Diplodocus carnegii skeleton in the main hall.

Natural History Museum main hall view showing Diplodocus carnegii

Checkout the following video to see what a diplodocus looks like:


The dinosaur lovers are not going to be disappointed as there is an animatronic T-Rex (aka Tyrannosaurus Rex - those bad boys from Jurassic Park movie).


The museum is also famous for the earthquake machine, which shows the staggering effects of an earthquake. The Darwin centre houses millions of preserved specimens and an 8 metre long giant squid. There is a gigantic super crocodile’s skull on display which is about 71 – 83 million years old. In the Green Zone of the museum is the bones of a Megatherium (aka giant sloth).


All in all the Natural History Museum of London offers a fantastic day out for the whole family and is a MUST visit place.

Natural History Museum of London Mammalian Hall showing a large variety of mammals

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